Keeping my child safe when I am not there.

Questions to ask ourselves about our caregivers…

  • — Do they have unrealistic expectations for your child's age?

  • — Do they overreact if something is broken or your child doesn’t follow directions?

  • — Do they show anger or impatience if the child has a tantrum or cries a lot?

  • — Do they call your child bad names or find it entertaining to scare them?

  • — Do they accuse you of not being strict enough?

  • — Do they think your child is a bother or burden?

  • — Do they drink alcohol or use drugs in your child’s presence?

Look for caregivers who are…

  • Calm

  • Mature

  • Patient with children

  • Experienced taking care of children and know how to soothe them

  • Not easily agitated or impulsive

  • Not taking drugs or drinking alcohol while caring for your child

  • Not overly stressed out

  • Not too tired or sleep deprived

  • Not abusive to others or animals