The Parents' Helpline is a resource dedicated to parents, professionals, and community members for parenting support, resources and referrals.

The Helpline is open:

Monday-Friday 8:30 AM-4:30 PM

The toll free phone number within Vermont is:

1-800-CHILDREN (1-800-244-5373)

We can also be reached through PCAVT’s main phone number at:


What types of issues do people call about?

People call for a variety of different reasons. Some are having a particularly difficult day with a child and just need a listening ear. For others, there are ongoing parenting challenges, and they are wondering where to turn next for assistance. Calls are often made to our Parents’ Helpline because of the many stresses of being a single parent or difficulties dealing with a former partner. Sometimes people call because they want to find out where the nearest parent education programs are located. In addition, people call because they suspect a child is being abused or neglected, and they are not sure how to respond or what can be done. At times, we receive calls from individuals who fear they may become abusive or actually acknowledge they have mistreated a child and are looking for help because they don't want to abuse their children anymore.

Is this a counseling service?

No, this is not a counseling or emergency service line. The support team at PCAVT is available to provide a listening ear, resources and referrals, but they are not trained clinicians.

For more information, please call 1-800-CHILDREN (1-800-244-5373) or 1-802-229-5724. You can also e-mail us at: