The Healthy Relationships Project is comprised of 3 school-based programs with student curricula and parent, educator, staff, and administrator training.

The three programs are Care for Kids© (ages 3 - grade 2); We Care Elementary© (3-6th grade); and SAFE-T (Sexual Abuse Free Environment for Teens© for 7th and 8th grade. All programs are developmentally appropriate, trauma informed and focus on both victim and victimization prevention.

Healthy Relationships Project Programs

Care for Kids

Pre-K to 2nd Grade

An early childhood sexual abuse prevention curriculum used by teachers, childcare providers, and parents. Topics include communication skills, nurturing skills (empathy), body parts, developing positive attitudes toward sexuality, and understanding of healthy boundaries.

We Care Elementary

3rd-6th Grade

An elementary school sexual abuse prevention curriculum in which teachers are trained and supported to deliver developmentally appropriate information. We Care Elementary provides school staff training, home sheets for parents to support students learning, school newsletter articles, and opportunities to meet with PCAVT staff.


7th & 8th Grade

SAFE-T is a developmentally appropriate, trauma informed, positive health education program. It is designed to decrease the likelihood of youth being sexually abused and/or sexually abusing others. Training for teachers, school staff, and parents is integral to the program.