Sexual Abuse Prevention for Grades 3-6

Children in this age range have robust set of developmental tasks. Children develop awareness of self as well as of peers and social groups. With this newfound awareness comes the capacity for empathy and establishing their ideas about how to be in the world and how to treat others. Physiologically, older children are approaching puberty and beginning to wonder about sexual development. All of these factors make sexual abuse prevention especially timely for this age group and also make it especially important that the content is delivered in a developmentally appropriate way.

The We Care Elementary curriculum includes six lessons at each grade level. Each grade focuses on different topics related to healthy relationships. We Care Elementary moves beyond the concrete and physical nature of the Care for Kids lessons, capitalizing on children’s capacity for generalizing information and reflecting on their emotions and experiences. 

3rd Grade: Communication and Understanding Feelings

4th Grade: Understanding Personal Boundaries

5th Grade: Recognizing Boundaries in Others

6th Grade: Understanding Sexual Harassment