Parent Child Centers and Childcare Providers are a key component in prevention and are a valuable resource and support for parents.

PCAVT offer free trainings for parents and care givers including strategies that may help to save a child’s life. The trainings are eligible for professional development training hours.

Many of you may know Shaken Baby Syndrome is the term used to describe the group of injuries an infant or small child receives after a violent shaking. Did you know that sadly, this is the most lethal type of child abuse that 25% of these infants and young children that are shaken die, and 50% will suffer lifelong disabilities, and only 25% will lead normal and healthy lives? Fortunately, this is the most preventable form of child abuse. It is our goal to ensure that every Vermonter knows to:


Our trainings are about two hours long, and include brain Jell-O molds, dolls and a powerful video. We will come to you at no charge. Please consider being a host for a training in your area for childcare providers and or parents.

To schedule a training, please contact Ann Shangraw at: 802-552-4269, or