Care for Kids Curriculum and Materials


Care for Kids Curriculum and Materials


Includes Curriculum and Care for Kids Kit

PK - Grade 2

One kit includes:

  • 1 Facilitator's Guide (Curriculum)

  • 1 thumb drive with files of handouts for printing

  • 3 dolls (at least one male and one female), with dolls offered in three skin tones (light, medium and dark skin)

    • Dolls are anatomically correct with realistic features, made of soft yet firm rubber with movable limbs. At roughly 13" long, dolls are the perfect size for younger children and come with a removable cloth diaper.

  • 7 book set: "Uncle Willie's Tickles," "The Bare Naked Book," "The New Baby," "How Are You Peeling," "Hands-Off Harry," "On Monday When it Rained" and "All By Myself"

  • 1 canvas zip tote to hold all materials

  • 6 posters reinforcing each lesson’s messages

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